BCN3D Sigma R19


The new Sigma R19 is a reliable and easy-to-use desktop 3D Printer. The Independent Dual Extruder System (IDEX) architecture of this printer delivers high-resolution multi-material parts in a simple and effective way. Furthermore you can print with 2 different materials or colours.

The Sigma & Sigmax R19 now feature the very productive printing ´Mirror´ and ´duplication´ modes so you can print 2 copies of an item at the same time. The new version of the software, BCN3D Cura 2.1.0, has been released together with the Sigma & Sigmax R19 It is easy to use and to gives full support to the Mirror and Duplication printing modes.


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Improvements and main features:

Extrusion system Optimized by E3D.

Hotend manufactured and assembled by the top world hotend manufacturer.

  • Finest machining quality.
  • Improved thermal dissipation.
  • Refined electronics.
  • Assembled by E3D

Extrusion by Bondtech

Both R19 printers feature the high-tech dual-drive gears by Bondtech, providing:

  • Unmatched grip: The dual-drive gears have ensured a reliable extrusion, getting rid of grinding issues.
  • Increased torque: The extruder mechanism reduces under extrusion problems.
  • Improved extrusion control: Precise extrusion rate to print complex geometries.

Filament runout sensor

A mechanical switch to detect filament presence allows preventing one of the most common and frustrating failure reasons.

Improvements in the Graphic User Interface.

  • Improved information screens
  • Maintenance alerts
  • More printing parameters to control
  • New Assistant to change the Hotend
  • Hotend identification
  • More materials presets
  • Calibration process refined

BCN3D Sigma double extruders scematic

IDEX System

The two independent extruders make it possible to produce with different kinds of materials and colours. Thanks to this mechanism, the properties of various materials can be combined and can complex objects be printed with a lot of detail.

Larger and more complex prints.

It is possible now to make figures with horizontally protruding parts or hanging bridges where upholding parts can be printed with a liquid-soluble filament. This leaves no visible uneveness in the printed figure. The Sigma is able to make figures to a size of 210x297x210 mm.

BCN3DNozzle v3

The Sigma has a third generation BCN3DNozzle v3, a fully heated metal head that can reach hours with temperatures up to 280C with peaks of 315C. The print head is standard 0.4 mm and can print a layer with a height of 50 ‘um’. A head of 0.6 mm will be released soon.

Assured quality and continuous improvement

The BCN3D Sigma meets the technical and safety regulations for CE certification and has 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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Technical specifications:
  • IDEX: Independent Dual Extruder
  • Printing modes: simple – dual – duplication – mirror
  • Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • Overall Dimensions: 675mm x 440 mm x 680 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Print Volume: 210 mm x 297 mm x 210 mm
  • Nozzle diameter.
    • 0,3mm
    • 0,4mm
    • 0,5mm (Special)
    • 0,6mm (standard)
    • 0,8mm
    • 1,0mm
  • Heated Bed: PCB
  • Screen: Full-Color Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Electronics: BCN3D Electronics v1.0. Independent Stepper Drivers
  • Connectivity: SD (autonomous operation) / USB
  • Maximum extruder temperature: 290 ºC
  • Power consumption: 240W
  • Compatible Materials: PLA, NYLON, PET-G, ABS, TPU, PVA, Composites, Others
  • Support material: PVA for PLA /HIPS for ABS
  • Operative Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Support files: STL, OBJ, AMF
BCN3D Sigma R19


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BCN3D Sigma R19

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